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Convert your Traditional Hinged Gate to Automatic Gate

Gone are the days, when one has to put manual efforts to open or close his Gate. Thanks to the innovation of technology for making our life easier. Operate your gate with a single click of a button. We at Genius Designs, are one of the most knowledgeable and specialized team of Gate Technicians and Gate Engineers, who is known to deliver cost effective Gate Opener installation and repair services in Houston and surrounding areas within the Texas region. Since 1990, we have been providing our exceptional services to numbers of residential and commercial customers and converted there Traditional Hinged Gates to more safe and secure Automatic Gates.

Types of Automatic Gate Openers:

Mainly there are two types of Automatic Gate Openers available, Swing or Slide Gate Openers. Both types of Automatic Gate Openers are equally famous among home and business customers.
Slide Gate Opener: Slide Gate also known as Rolling Gate is type of Automatic Gate Opener, that can be easily open or close by sliding in supporting guides. It needs very less space to open or close as it moves parallel to the fence or wall. The Slide Gate motor is being installed at the end of the Gate in both the opened and closed positions, the preferred position is at the end of the Gate in the closed position.
Swing Gate Opener: As the name implies, the Swing Gate Opener, swings the Gate in-order to open or close it. It needs more space than Slide Gate, it requires the space equivalent to the width of the Gate to open and close. It's easy to install and requires less maintenance to keep it in working condition.

Benefits of Automatic Gate Openers:

Easy to Operate: As compared to traditional hinged Gates, Automatic Gates with Gate openers are very easy to operate. Open and Close your Automatic Gate with a single click of a button on your remote or mobile devices.
Enhance the level of safety and Security: Installing Automatic Gate Opener is a wise choice. It not only add convenience to operate the gate but also enhance the level of Safety and Security at the entrance of your premises. It restricts unauthorized persons from accessing your premises and allows authorized to get access.
Add value to your premises: Besides adding, convenience to operate and enhance the level of security and safety, Automatic Gate Openers also add value to your premises and help you harness the best of the technology.

Considering installing Automatic Gate Openers?

If you are looking to install Automatic Gate Opener to your premises, think of us. We are a team of most experienced Gate Technician and Gate Engineers in Houston and surrounding cities within the Texas region. No matter what type of Gate you have, we can install most suitable Gate Openers as per your needs. Operate your Gate with a press of a button on your mobile or other remote control devices. No more need to come out of your vehicle to open or close your Entrance Gate, when you can do it conveniently from inside your car.

Hire us for your Gate automation needs, we are complete peace of mind and known to deliver, what we promise.

We are available 7 days a week to take your calls.

Estimates and advisements are FREE!

We are just a phone call or email away. Call us Today for all your Slide Gate Opener needs. (281) 216-6268 or email at:
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