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It's better to be safe than sorry. Keep unwanted and unauthorized visitors away from your properties. In today's scenario, Access Control System is highly recommended and preferable choice to enhance safety and security at Driveway or Entrance Gate. These types of systems are specially designed to have full control over who enters your premises. There are different types of Access control systems available to permit authorized visitors and deny unauthorized visitors.

If you are considering for Access Control System, go for the most reliable and secure one. It's essential to the safety and security of your home or business properties, your employees, and visitors. We at Genius Designs, are one of the most experienced Access Control System, installer in the whole Texas region. Since our inception, we have been providing exceptional services to our customers and working hard to keep them happy and satisfied. Doesn't matter what Gate or Door you have, we are a team of proficient Access Control System engineers who can install any type and kind of Access Control System as per your specific needs and requirements. For the last 24 years, we have been active in this industry and are a one stop shop for all Gate and Door Access Control System needs.

Types of Access Control System

Basically Access Control System is an electronic device that is especially built to control who has access to your premises. There are various types and kinds of Access Control System available to choose. Before final, its better to have some knowledge about few of them. Below are some of them:
Keypad Entry System - Key Pads are one of the secure and cost effective Access Control Entry System, that requires a unique combination of keys to open the lock. It frees one from carrying Keys, Cards, or any other type product. To open lock you just need to remember the unique combination of keys assigned to you.
Card Reader Entry System - Card Readers are widely used and low on cost Access Control Entry system. It requires punch of Card into reader in order to read information. The plastic Card consists a pre-programmed computer chip. This chip contains unique information like Id number. Which is read by the reader and sends to Access control software for verification. It verifies if the Card is authorized for the access.
Swipe Cards - It's very simple, easy and widely used inexpensive form of Access Control System. A Magnetic strip that consists unique information is being incorporated on the back of Swipe Card, which is read by the Swipe Card readers, when the Swipe Card is swiped.
Biometrics Access Control System - One of the most popular, secure and reliable Access Control Systems that matches some biological features of a visitor like, fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, voice recognition or palm prints to determine the visitor's identity through the use of Biometric readers. Range of Biometric readers is available to install including, Fingerprint readers, Retina scan, Hand geometry, Facial recognition, Voice recognition and more.

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Since 1990, Genius Designs are first choice among all residential and commercial customers in Houston and surrounding cities within the Texas, when it comes to install, repair and service Access Control System for any home or business premises. We are most reliable, skilled and affordable service providers. Get in touch with us, we understand your needs of Access Control System at your premises. We will suggest and install the best Access Control System, that full fill your specific requirements and needs.

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Biometric access control system in Houston, Baytown, Texas
Install Fingerprint access control in Houston, TX
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