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Proximity card reader systems, Proximity card access control system

Access card reader Entry Systems, card reader access control systems

Card Reader Entry System, is one of the most famous and preferred Access Control Systems to secure your premises from unauthorized access. As compared to other Access Control Systems like keypads and transmitters, it allows a great level of security at entrance points and make access control more convenient for authorized users. We at Genius Designs, are one of the most experienced Card Reader Entry systems installer in the Texas region. Whether you are looking for Biometric Smart Card, Bar Code, Proximity Card or Magnetic Stripe card, we can install a Card Reader system as per your specific requirements and needs. Since 1990, we have been providing our exceptional Card Reader Entry system services to all types of customers including residential and commercial in the Texas region.

Keep unauthorized peoples away!

If you are looking for the best solution to keep your premises secure from unauthorized access, the Card Reader Entry system is most reliable and robust access control solution. It not only keep unauthorized elements away, but also help you keep track of every employee and visitors within the restricted area. At what time they entered and what time they left the premises, all will be tracked automatically. Card Reader entry system, facilitates the process of allowing authorized employees in the permitted areas and prevent them from entering off limit areas. It can be installed in one or multiple location within the same premises or different premises as per your specific needs.

Why card reader entry system?

There are lots of benefits associated with installing Card Reader entry as your Access Control entry system. Few of them are listed below:
Level up security: Card reader entry system helps to keep unauthorized peoples away from restricted areas and thus, provides a safe and secure environments of authorized peoples and employees.
Brings down manual efforts and costs: Card reader entry system brings down manual efforts to track down in and out time of employees and visitors within the restricted area. Thus, significantly saves cost of hiring someone at entry points to do the task.
Manage your employees effectively: If needed, you can easily track down the exact location of any employee within the premises at any particular point of time. All will be recoded automatically and can be analyzed whenever there is a need.

Highly experienced Card Reader Entry system, Technicians and Engineers!

If you are considering Card Reader Entry System for your premises, contact experienced professional. Who can understand your requirements and needs of the Access Control system and deliver you the best solution you are looking for. There are various kinds and types of Card Reader Entry systems available in the market. Choosing the most suitable is hectic task. We at Genius Design, are highly knowledgeable and experienced team of Card Reader Entry system Technicians and Engineers. All our Gate Technicians and Engineers are licensed and insured. We are committed to our work and complete each of our job with our full dedication and efforts, whether it's small or big. Our exceptional knowledge backed by 24 years long experience helped us win the trust of countless customers, including home and business in Houston and nearby areas within the Texas region.

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