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Door Strikes, Door Releases or Electric Strikes, is an access control device installed on a Door, with the objective to make Entry door more secure and safe from unauthorized access. The Door strike is being integrated into access control system or some other type of remote release system to make the door open with the click of a button. Door Strikes are controlled by Low-Voltage electrical power source. It is most suitable and preferred to use in vulnerable areas or premises where access control is required.

We at Genius Designs, are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Automatic Gate and Door technicians, who are providing their exceptional services to all types of residential and commercial customers in Houston and surrounding cities within Texas region, since 1990. We are a one stop shop for all your Electric Door Strikes need. We helped countless home and business owners by updating there ordinary Entry Doors to more secure and burglar proof Entry Doors. Doors with Electric Door Strikes are safe from unauthorized access, in order to open them one needs to have authorized access card.

Setup of Electric Door Strikes

Electric Door strikes can't be set up with all kinds of doors. Only doors with lock sets could be used for Door strike setup. Lock sets are available in diverse sizes and types with distinct workings. The ideal feature for an Electric door strike will be one which remains closed from the outside (could be momentarily opened with a key, however not permanently) without any lock/unlock knob inside. This kind of operation is considered "Store Room Function". Lock sets with lock/unlock button offered inside is not appropriate as it would certainly beat the objective of the strike. To keep the door secure Electric door strike utilize moving parts of the locks. Electric Door strikes can be of two types, "normally opened" or "normally closed". In "normally opened", Electric door strikes opens whenever power comes in otherwise remains to be closed. Meanwhile, in "normally closed", Electric door strikes close whenever power comes in otherwise it remains to be open.

Door strikes Technicians in Houston, TX

If you are looking to make your Entry Door burglar proof, re-enforce it with the Electric Door strike and keep unauthorized peoples away! We at Genius Designs are the right peoples in Houston, who can do the job for you, in the right way and at the right price. Our commitment towards our job and deep knowledge backed by years of work experience made us the first choice among commercial and non-commercial customers for their Door strikes and Access control system needs. Get in touch with us, we are just a phone call or email away.

We assure you of professional and committed service at very affordable price.

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