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Make your entrance more secure with Magnetic locks. Magnetic locks also knows as Electromagnetic lock, or Maglock, is one of the most reliable and preferred Gate/Door release mechanism. It consists of an Electromagnet and an Armature plate. And the Lock get magnetized as soon as Electrical current passes in and keep the door from being opened. These locks are normally installed on Gates and Doors of residential and commercial establishments. In case of Door, it is usually mounted at the top of the door opening.

We at Genius Designs, are most experienced Magnetic Locks installer in the Texas region. Since 1990, we have worked for countless customers and provided them our exceptional and affordable services. Doesn't matter what type of Gate or Door you have, we specialize in install, repair and services all brands and models of Magnetic Locks. There is a wide range of Electromagnet Locks available to choose from. All of these are suitable for safe locking and resistant to break in and trespassing. Get in touch with us to install it on restricted areas like, the main doors of your office, corridors, server rooms, and any other important places to avoid unauthorized entry.

Why to choose Electromagnetic Lock?

If you compare Electromagnetic Locks/Magnetic Locks with other Electric strikes or conventional locks you will find significant advantages. Here we are highlighting a few of them:
- Electromagnetic Locks are more reliable and robust, difficult to break in or picked with sharp items. These are widely preferred and excellent way to secure entry points from unwanted access.
- Magnetic Locks are quick and easy to install. Installation can be done within no time and with less effort, as it doesn't require any interconnecting parts that needs installation too.
- These locks are fast to lock and unlock and act within micro-seconds. Instant release can be achieved with a cut off of the electrical supply. An ideal lock to be installed on Emergency Doors for escape.
- Ideal at entry points where electronic authorization and confirmation is important. These locks are more durable, power saver and low on maintenance.
- In contrast to conventional locks, these locks undergo less damage when being broken.

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Electromagnetic Locks are robust and burglar proof locks, installing these locks at entry points to secure your home or business premises is a wise choice. There are a numbers of brands and models of Electromagnetic Locks available for various exit and entry applications. We at Genius Designs, got specialized on every brands and models of Magnetic Locks, and can help you choose the most suitable and affordable Mag Locks as per your needs and requirements. Our wide knowledge backed by 24 years of work experience, make us the first choice among all commercial and non-commercial customers for their secure Door or Gate locks need. Our team of experienced Gate Technicians helped us to earn the trust of hundreds of residential and commercial customers in Houston and nearby cities within the Texas region.

We are committed to our services and always do our best to keep our customers satisfy and happy with our services. Hiring us for the job, is complete peace of mind!

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