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Update your Conventional Locks with Electric Locks

Electric Door Locks are most ideal and preferred way to secure premises from unauthorized access. As compared to conventional key locks, they are robust, secure, and resistant to break in and trespassing. They are preferred to be used on the main doors of home or business premises, corridors, server rooms and any other important places to keep unauthorized persons away. Since 1990, we at Genius Designs, are providing our exceptional services of Electric Gate Locks to all types of our residential and commercial customers. There are various types and kinds of Electric Locks available in the market to choose from. Get in touch with us, we will select and install the most suitable Electric Lock to secure your residential or commercial properties.

Electric locks are simply an electronic device that requires electricity to function. These could be released by a physical object, an information or combination of both. It uses solenoids, magnets or motor to trigger the device by eliminating or supplying electric power to the Electric Locks. These are the most appropriate option for those who are very much concern about the safety and security of their family and properties. An Electric/Automatic Gate, without Electric Locks are not so convenient and secure that they could be with them.

Nowadays, various types of Electrical locks are accessible which enables easy access for authorized peoples while keeping unauthorized and unwanted people out. The most famous and preferred ones are Magnetic Locks and Electric Door Strikes.

Magnetic Locks: Magnetic Locks/Electromagnetic lock/Maglock, are one of the most trusted and liked Gate/Door release device. It consists of an Electromagnet and an Armature plate. The Lock gets magnetized as soon as Electricity passes in and keep the door/gate from being opened.
Electric Door Strikes: Door Strikes/Door Releases/Electric Strikes are controlled by Low-Voltage electrical power source. It is most suitable and preferred to use in vulnerable areas or premises where access control is required.

Highly trained Electric Door Locks installers in Houston, TX!

It's time to think about Electric Door Locks, which are not only convenient, but also ideal to add extra layer of security at the entrance of your premises. We at Genius Designs, are a team of highly trained Electric Door Locks installers, who can help you make your premises secure from intruders. For the last 24 years, we are the trusted Electric Lock installers in the Texas region, who is known to deliver the highest quality of services to their clients. We believe in "No job is too big" or "too small". We accomplish each of our jobs with our full dedication and hard work. Get in touch with us and we will deliver you more then what we committed.

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