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Inductive Loop Detectors also know as Sensing Loops or Vehicle Loop Detectors, are one of the most effective and preferred way of sensing vehicles. The main objective of installing Loop Detector Systems is to prevent a Gate from automatically closing on a vehicle, it saves the vehicle from damage. Loop Detector systems are simple and easy to install. There are various types and kinds of Vehicle loop systems available to choose from. Whether you are residential, commercial or industrial user, we at Genius Design, can install most suitable Inductive Loop Detector as per your specific needs and requirements.

For 24 years, Genius Design, is accepted leader in Houston and nearby areas within Texas region, when it comes to install Automatic Gates with Loop Detector systems to detect vehicular movements. Since we started, we have installed countless Loop Detectors in Car parking, Garages, Car washes, and at Traffic control points.

How Vehicle Loop Detector works?

Vehicle Loop detectors are highly recommended on all types of automated vehicular entry points to prevent Gates from closing on the vehicles in its path. To make it work, a set pattern of induction cable is set underground on both sides of the Gate and then attached back to the vehicle detector unit, which is wired into the control panel of the Electric/Solar powered Gate system. When a vehicle drives over the loop, it detects the same and sends signal to the Gate control panel, instructing it to open the Gate, and keep it open as long as the vehicle presence is detected. The Gate closes automatically when the vehicle passes away the sensing loops.

Installing inductive loop detectors at entry points is a wise choice, as it prevents accidents by stopping the Gate from closing on a vehicle. Also, it is helpful to monitor and evaluate the traffic movements from small vehicle to heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.

Highly professional Loop Detectors technician and Engineers!

Are you considering installing Vehicle Loop Detector? Think of us, we are highly professional team of Inductive loop Detectors technician and engineers in the Texas region. Since 1990, we have installed Loop Detectors of various kinds and types. We are a one stop shop to install, repair and service all types of single or multiple Loop Detectors at Entry points, Traffic signals, Electric Gates, Pedestrian crossings and Security Barriers.

For this highly technical job we don't hire laborers. All our Gate Engineers are fully trained, highly knowledgeable and backed by years of field experience. We strictly comply with city codes while delivering our Inductive Loop Detector system services. Genius Designs, assures you of high quality services at very affordable price.

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