Install telephone entry systems, Houston, Texas
Install phone entry systems, Houston, Texas
Install door phone intercom systems in Houston, TX

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telephone intercom systems, door phone system, telephone with intercom

Telephone Entry System (TES), a well famous and preferred Access Control Entry system installed at Entry points with the objective of controlling visitors access to premises. This is one of the most suitable and affordable access control system, for use in apartment gates, office buildings and industrial sites. It's a type of Intercom System, which use existing telephone line to speak to a visitor or guests at Entry points. It allows owners to have full gain over who gets into his property with a simple phone call. It offers two-way interaction between one speaker and all hooked phone on the line. Telephone Entry System, provides the visitors facility of calling recipients from entry points, and its up to recipient to grant or to deny access to him. He can do so with the press of a button on his telephone or cellular phone.

We at Genius Designs, are accepted leader in Houston and surrounding areas, when it comes to install, repair and service Telephone Entry System. There are various models and brands of Telephone Entry System available in the market, our exceptional knowledge backed by 24 years of work experience, made us the first choice among all types of residential and commercial customers. We understand your actual needs of having a Telephone Entry system. We will help you choose the most suitable Telephone Entry System as per your needs and requirements and at very affordable price.

Residential and Commercial Telephone Entry System!

Telephone Entry System can be installed in both residential and commercial premises as per the specific needs and requirements. For residential use its been installed on existing phone line. When someone at entry point calls, the unit virtually rings all the existing phones hooked on the line with a distinct ring to separate it from a normal phone call. It gives the owner convenience to grant or deny access to the visitors from any of the hooked phone or wireless phone by pressing a button from phone keypad. The system comes with built-in timers and can call up to three pre-programmed numbers.

In case of Commercial Telephone Entry Systems, a dedicated phone line is required. It's commonly used on Gate entrance, multi-story buildings and apartment buildings. They can keep track of individual users and if needed card readers and transponders can also be integrated.

Most reliable Telephone Entry System installed in Texas

Considering Telephone Entry System for your Residential or commercial properties? Think of Genius Designs, we are most reliable and experienced Telephone Entry Systems installer and technician in Houston and surrounding cities within the Texas region. Since 1990, we are in this industry and providing our services to hundreds of customers, including residential and commercial. All our Telephone Entry system technicians and engineers are fully trained to install or fix any brand or model of TES within no time.

We care our customers and their satisfaction is what we always try to achieve. Get in touch with us, we are a one stop shop for all your Telephone Entry System needs.

You will find our price very competitive with workmanship high.

Estimates and advisements are FREE! We are just a phone call or email away!

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