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Like to Control Traffic Movements?

Road Spikes, also known as Traffic spikes, Stingers, Tire shredders or Tire deflation device, is one of the most preferred device to restrict traffic in one direction and at the same time allowing traffic in the opposite direction. Road spikes mounted in concrete, is the ideal way to restrict driveways to one way traffic. It can obstruct or stop the movement of vehicles by puncturing their tires, thus helps to implement better site access control and that without exposing anyone to vicious and risky traffic situations.

Since our inception in 1990, we at Genius Designs, are a well known name when it comes to install various kinds and types of Road Spikes. We helped numbers of commercial and industrial clients to achieve them have full control over the direction of traffic within their premises. These systems are ideal to install in Car Parkings, Heavy Vehicle parkings, Car rental agencies, Hospitals, Universities, Airport parking lots, Gated communities and Military bases.

Easy to install and Use

Installing Road spikes device is very easy. Simply adhere with epoxy to an asphalt or concrete surface. Road spikes are specially designed for quick and reliable operation. It can be active with the simple pull of the handle or a toss. After spiking, a simple yank on the handle quickly retracts the unit from tires and clears the road for normal flow of traffic. Specially made from Engineering plastics like PA and PE, Tire Deflation device contains high strength and toughness. The spikes of these Tire Deflation devices made from Stainless steel tube and contains sharp tips. These sharp tips can puncture any vehicle tires easily and effectively.

Get in touch with Most experienced Road Spikes installer in the Texas region.

If you are considering Road Spikes for your commercial or industrial properties, get in touch with a more experienced and skilled Road Spikes installer in the Texas region. For the last 24 years, we got specialized and are a one stop shop for Tire deflation needs. We assure you of reliable and highly satisfied service at a very cost effective price. We are just a phone call or email away!

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